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This is our free webcam model site template number 1. We are working on more templates. If you are a webcam model and want a free website just contact us througth our email venecamstudio@gmail.com or use the email contact form.


This section of our free model site has your chaturbate/Venecamlive/cam3000/Livejasmin live transmission panels embedded. If you are online, your visitors can watch you directly from your website, if you are offline they can follow the links to your profiles to follow you. If your visitors connect from a small device like a phone they will only see the links to your profile. We have some sample text here to show you how it could look, you can have a custom text if you want. This sample page will open the TOP webcam of the moment.



SAMPLE TEXT: Just above this text you will find the VenecamLive/Chaturbate  live transmision panel and a logo going to our profile. Create your account to  chat with us  here or from the site. If we are not online when you come  don´t worry , just create your account and follow us clicking on the FOLLOW button on our profile. The site will send an email message to you when we are online. Also we have tons of pics and videos for you to buy on our profile even when offline. If you are visiting us from a mobile phone or small tablet the live transmision panel will not load, so you can go directly to our profile to see if we are online and follow us. We will be waiting for you ♥




SAMPLE TEXT: Above this text you will find our Cam3000 live transmision panel, if we are not online it will show an OFFLINE message. You can click on it and create your account to buy a show when we are online. Follow us on twitter to know when we are online and add us to favorites in your account. This site offers a big discount on new clients purchases (20-30%). We will be waiting for you ♥


Our PIctures

This section contains 6 picture thumbnails. Each picture is clickeable to see the picture in full size or embedded video you want your visitors to see + extra description.

You picture description.

You picture description.

You picture description.

You picture description.

You picture description.

You picture description.

About US

This section is for the personal info you want to share. You can use our model with your custom text or you can replace this with a Image cointaining your description or an image + text description.


    Your Name

    Personal info about you. Here you can add a picture of you with  text that describes you. Anything you want about you is valid here.


    Partner Name

    If you are a couple , you can add here your partner picture  and custom description. Anything you want about him/her is valid here.

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SAMPLE TEXT: You can be part of our history, just visit our webcam sites and create your account. If you tip or take us to private we will please you and maybe we can become best friends! Our site links are Account1 and Account2 . Just click, register  and follow us to  receive a notification when we are online.  Both sites are mobile compatible and high quality. Be part f our history , create your account now ♥


SAMPLE TEXT: Follow us to get info about our shows and more!

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Contact Us

This is the contact form, it will allow your visitors  send email to you, you can add your custom text here. You can email us if you want your free website using this form. SAMPLE TEXT: You can contact us via email only if you have tipped when we are offline and want to arrange a show or if you have sent an amazon gift or gift card. If you contact without sending something we will ignore the email and block. Thanks for understanding .